David Fleming writes:
[details of problem with Perspective tool]
> or is there a bug here? I am getting a little frustrated with perspective
> drawings.

In case it isn't one of the problems that has already been
suggested: How are you moving the layer? Clicking on the move tool,
dragging the layer, then clicking on the perspective tool, or with
the spacebar, or some other way?

How are you copying the layer? Is it possible that it's a floating
layer when you run the perspective tool? (Even then it seems to work
for me in 2.2.8 and 2.3.10, but I could imagine it not working in
some versions.) Or that you have "Clip result" selected in the
Perspective tool?  (Though that gives pretty much the opposite
result from what you described: the layer is transformed but you can
only see the part that falls within the un-transformed layer
boundaries.) Definitely check all the tool options in case one of
them has been changed.

It's possible you're hitting a GIMP bug (what GIMP version are
you using?) but I expect a bug like that would have been noticed,
so it's probably more likely that there's a problem with tool
options, with which layer is selected, or something similar.

As I try to reproduce what you're seeing, I'm doing the following
(plus variations trying to reproduce the misbehavior):
* New Image
* Choose the Rect select tool
* Select a rectangle
* Fill with pattern
* Copy
  (the selection is still active, so this copies the selected
  rectangle instead of the whole layer, so you can skip the Autocrop
  Layer step. See the Note at the bottom of p. 154.)
* Paste
* Click New in Layers dialog
* Use Move tool to move it
* Choose the Perspective tool
* Click on the layer that was just moved
* Drag the handles
* Click Transform

Is that basically the same sequence you've been using?

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