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BTW, I stumbled across a problem on how to dial down the speed of an
animated GIF.  How do you do this using Gimp (Windows)?

In order to change the speed of a GIF, you must change the delays that are specified in the GIF's layernames. I have written a short script which will do this for you.


The script allows you to change the delay and mode settings for multilayer animations (usually GIFs). It works by renaming the layers with the appropriate values: for example, "Layer 1 (100 ms) (replace)".

It only changes the names of layers that are not hidden so that you can choose which layers you want set.

You can choose to set the Mode to "(combine)", "(replace)", keep the previous value, or clear the Mode part of the layername.

By the same token, you can specify the Delay (using a positive number of milliseconds), keep the existing Delay part (set the Delay to "0"), or clear the Delay part of the layername (set the Delay to "-1").

The command will appear in the menus as "Filters->Animation->Settings..."
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