My ordinary workflow is to download photos from my camera to a directory, orient them properly with jhead, and then clean them up as necessary and put them in an album with JAlbum.

I just did this with some photos from an old digicam, rather than my dSLR. The camera was a canon, I don't know much else about it, it's not mine. Jhead wouldn't orient anything, so I went through them with gthumb and gimp and rotated the versicle ones manually. When I put them in the album however, they had their original orientation.

As an aside, a few of the pictures weren't just off by 90 degrees - they were upside down. I'm pretty sure the person who took the pictures never held the camera upside down.

I tried running jhead with the -norot option after the manual rotations, but it had no effect.

So what is going on? I gather it has something to do with the exif information, but I don't know enough about that.




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