T F wrote:
i'd like to scan several hundred of my 4x6 prints (photographs)

in my trials, the orientations of the tiff files end up being slightly
off, randomly, by several degrees.

some need to be rotate by +2.3 degrees, others by +3.7, others by -1.2, etc ....

is there way to use gimp (or other linux software) to "automatically"
correct the orientation? preferably by batch processing

thanks in advance

Usually, for batch processing, the advice is to use imagemagick (or garphicsmagick), which should be already present on your system.
Imagemagick is a collection of small utilities (display, mogrify, convert, etc.). Since you probably do not want to overwrite the original file, what you want is "convert". See the man page here

The gimp solution to batch processing is David's Batch Processor:
It should work also fine for you.

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