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T F wrote:
> i'd like to scan several hundred of my 4x6 prints (photographs)
> in my trials, the orientations of the tiff files end up being slightly
> off, randomly, by several degrees.
> some need to be rotate by +2.3 degrees, others by +3.7, others by -1.2,
> etc ....
Thanks.  I'm an avid user of imagmagick.  There is no "autorotate"
feature, nor does David's.

What I meant was you first group the files (e.g. in a folder) with +3.7, apply the batch to them etc. I do not see how a software could easily find the angle. If the picture is not an image, but a graphic or a text, the Fourier transform [1] may be a tool for this. If the picture contains some white (triangular/frame) borders due to the rotation angle, there might also be a way, but in any case, automatic detection of the rotation angle would require some maths (maybe through lua and gluas[2], python, or gimp# [3]).

But these are just wild guesses.



[1] http://gfourier.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://pippin.gimp.org/plug-ins/gluas/index.html
[3] http://gimp-sharp.sourceforge.net/

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