I'm running Gimp 2.2.12 on FC4. Everything seems to work as it should, except, sometimes, scripts. Recently I downloaded the Photokit Smart Sharpening script, and it always failed, but at different places in the script. The net effect of the failure was that Gimp just crashed.

It's not just this one script - I have noticed it before. Sometimes I was able to get a script to work if only one image window was open, but the script would fail if any other images were open. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the other scripts were - I don't use scripts often.

On a related note, is there a good way to sharpen that is a little quicker, but still about as comprehensive, as the procedure described in the "Smart Sharpening Redux" tutorial on the GimpGuru page? I'd like something a little better than just using the unsharp mask, but the GimpGuru process can take a long time if you have a bunch of pictures to sharpen.




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