Hello. I took photos with Canon IXUS II + automatic mode:

There is something wrong with the camera as can be seen from the pairs
3893/3896 and 3922/3923. In photo 3893 the flowers glows and are white,
not blue. In photo 3922 the trees looks somehow poor.
Between the two versions I only inserted white paper (3896) or tilted
the camera toward the blue sky (3923).

What is wrong? How to fix the photos? How ever I could make a panorama
photo out of 3922 and 3923? How damaged the photos are? In what way(s)
the photos are damaged?

Should I switch the camera to some other camera? Canon's top model
Powershot 3 IS seems to damage the photos too, but I don't know
if the camera can be tuned in the automatic mode because I had
only brief moment to test the camera.

Why Canon thinks it is ok to damage the photos in automatic mode?
Very sad, I have taken hundreds of photos for my freephotos project
and mostly they look as bad as 3893 and 3922. More mild automatic
settings would have allowed me to fix the photos later. Not now.

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