Juhana Sadeharju schrieb:
> Why Canon thinks it is ok to damage the photos in automatic mode?
> Very sad, I have taken hundreds of photos for my freephotos project
> and mostly they look as bad as 3893 and 3922. More mild automatic
> settings would have allowed me to fix the photos later. Not now.

The pictures aren't really damaged - actually, that's what the
"automatic mode" is all about: The camera itself tries to figure out
what settings fit best to take an "optimum" shot, optimum in terms of
values measurable by a machine. To a machine, determining how the
pictures finally will "look like" is a rather tough (not to say
impossible) job. If you want to have pictures which look according to
your demands or needs, probably you will have to switch off automatic
mode and do the job yourself. ;)


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