I'm using The Gimp to try to recreate some images containing only text
for a web site that I maintain for my company. The site was originally
created by a web design company using Dreamweaver and some other
tools. Unfortunately all I could get out of them regarding the fonts
used in the images is that they used Univers Condensed (47,57,67)
fonts from Adobe. I've purchased the fonts, and have managed to
recreate some of the images to a point that's visually acceptable. Now
I'm stuck on a particular image.

The problem is that the look of the font within The Gimp is similar
but not the same as what is in the original image. The main problem is
that the lower case letters are about half the size of the upper case
letters, whereas in the original image they are about 2 thirds of the
upper case letters. I've played around with turning hinting on and
off, and forcing the auto-hinter, but not much luck, as expected.

I thought a font was a font was a font. Well, as long as you're
working with the same font. Am I not right? Is it possible that the
font is being rendered differently on my system compared to the
original designers'?

Any suggestions on what I could do? I need to be able to recreate
these images so that I can provide a translation of the site.

Technical details:
 OS: Linux - Fedora Core 4
 gimp: 2.2.12
 freetype: 2.1.9
 fontconfig: 2.2.3
 xorg-x11: 6.8.2

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