On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 02:15:59PM -0400, Harry G Osoff wrote:
> It sure would be great to get some of the
> Type Tools that Adobe has in theri products.
> I realize that's what made Adobe Adobe.
> But i sure do miss have such elegant type control.
> That alone makes PS a great tool.

if i remember correctly, those 'type controls' were added for photoshop6
and i had the feeling then that adobe 'stole' from Illustrator to get
this new control for Photoshop.

it is hardly stealing if it is from your own product.

that being said, this is the land of freesoftware.  Inkscape would be
GIMP's Illustrator.  the unfortunate thing about Inkscape and GIMP is
that it is too separate projects and two different widget sets (kind of)
so there are some naturally occuring restrictions about GIMP's ability
to steal functionality (in the same way that photoshop stole from


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