On Mon, Oct 09, 2006 at 02:38:32PM -0700, Mark Harris wrote:
> I'm using a windows version of Gimp,  I notice I don't have the 
> capability for multiline text, which I believe is provided by the 
> gdyntext plug in.  I've been unable to find a windows version of this 
> plug in, and cannot build it from source using MS C++.  Would anyone 
> know where to turn for this?
wow, i haven't heard anyone mention gdynatext in a really long while.

i would be curious what the error message is if you tried to build this
as you have described here.

i think that the new texttool accepts an enter to create individual
lines with.  there are also some buttons that allow you align the text

more current is the freetype plug-in.  but the way gimp developers use
the word 'current' -- if taken like the velocity of a stream, many of
the developers have confused a lake with a stream.



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