Quoting Tony Freeman:

> One last thing that I cannot figure out is:  how do you close the  
> dialog box that the image is sitting in?  In Scheme you do it like so:

> (gimp-display-delete Image)

> I've tried the following (with variations), but it causes the  
> python-fu to hang:

> pdb.gimp_display_delete(img)

To the best of my knowledge, it is impossible for a script to close  
the display unless it was created through PDB calls (i.e., you cannot  
delete an image created or opened by the user).

The PDB function, 'gimp-image-delete', only works with images that  
have been created through the PDB. Since the call to  
'gimp-display-delete' will attempt to delete the image if the display  
you are deleting is the only one associated with the image, you end up  
effectively violating the conditions of 'gimp-image-delete'.

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