Hi Folks,

I'm trying to use the GIMP for t-shirt graphics.  I
really want to use the GIMP because the other
solutions (Adobe, Corel, etc) are expensive and don't
run on Linux (I don't think...)

Anyway, the company I'm using to make the shirts


has these instructions:

"You have to convert your pixel graphic into curves.
Finally, you must then export your file in .eps format
so that it is compatible with our system."

I believe I've done this by selecting all the lines in
a BW PNG graphic, converting the lines to paths,
stroking the paths and then saving the image as an EPS

But when I uploaded the file, it was rejected with the
following excuse:

"All elements of the image, including the text, must
be in contours (in Corel  Draw ) and/or paths (in
Adobe Illustrator and Freehand)".

Any and all help greatly appreciated!


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