mike martinet ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm trying to use the GIMP for t-shirt graphics.  I
> really want to use the GIMP because the other
> solutions (Adobe, Corel, etc) are expensive and don't
> run on Linux (I don't think...)
> Anyway, the company I'm using to make the shirts
> http://www.spreadshirt.com
> has these instructions:
> "You have to convert your pixel graphic into curves.
> Finally, you must then export your file in .eps format
> so that it is compatible with our system."

I recommend to not use the GIMP for this. Use a program like inkscape,
skencil or similiar. Then import the graphics you want to trace and use
the tools of the program to follow the lines.

Then export the file to eps and you should be fine. Gimp cannot easily
do this, except when you use paths and do some weird converting around
from an exported path, but you really, really want to use a different
program for this.


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