Jean-Michel Pouré wrote:
Dear Friends,

Hello, this is my post on Gimp user mailing list.

I have been using Gimp for several years, without the need to post a
help message. Why ? Probably because Gimp is so EASY to learn.
Never say never, here is my first question related to video:

I would like to creata PAL 16:9 anamorphic title in Gimp. What
resolution and settings should I choose? My display is an LCD monitor. I
did not find how to set up PAL 16:9 anamorphic resolution in Gimp.

Are you sure your monitor is 16:9 ? Most wide screen laptops use 16:10. For example, my desktop monitor is 1920x1200, which is 16:10 format. Normal 16:9 format for HDTV is 1920x1080.

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