> I just always create a 1024x576 image and then scale to 720x576 when I
> export for video. 

Sounds good. But Kdenlive will probably soon support XCF files directly.
What if I open and have to export. I would prefer an automatic solution.

> You can create a 720x576 image and set the X and Y resolutions to 9
> and
> 16 and then disable "dot for dot" in the view menu. However GIMP only
> transforms the view, so that round brushes for example will look like
> they are squashed, since they are drawn on the 5:4 image.

Okay. Thanks.

My idea was:
* PAL resolution is 520x576: 1.25 ratio
* 4:3 resolution: 1.33 ratio
* 16:9 resolution: 1.78 ratio

In Gimp, I create a 16:9 PAL image, with the following custom settings:
X = 520 pixels
Y = 576 x 1.25 / 1.78 =  404 pixels

X dpi = 72 dpi
Y dpi = 72 x 1.78 / 1.25 = 102 dpi

It works quite well for large text, but not for small images, 
which are very slightly distored in Kdenlive.

Any suitable alternative settings?

Kind regards,

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