I've created an animated gif which I want to perform what I think is a reverse loop. In explanation, I'll use a three-layer example. I want the animation to proceed from frame 1 to frame 2 to frame 3, then back to frame 2 to frame 1 and repeat. An analogy would be a ball continually rolling between two hills.

I see only the "loop forever" option when saving the gif. I've gotten around that problem by saving as layers frame 1, frame 2, frame 3, frame 2, and frame 1. Savings those frames with the loop forever option does what I want but is a larger file than I think necessary.

I've done some research and see the "reverse loop" option with gimp-gap. I compiled gimp-gap and used frames 1-3 only once. I used the "move path" option and tried reverse loop and reverse frame loop. However, neither option seems to take. It loops only, no reverse.

Animated gifs and The Gimp are quite new to me. Can the gimp-gap reverse loop do what I want with just three frames?
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