Well, I guess I am going to take on a redesign of the website (pending 
developer approval), and I am going to need the community's help.  From 
time to time I will mail this list and the GimpWin list with specific 

I don't aim to totally demolish everything that is there already, but a 
lot of work needs to be done.  What's good should stay, what's not 
should go.  I don't believe in changing stuff just for the sake of 
changing it.  I can't make any timeframe promises as I am very busy, but 
for the foreseeable future, I am committing to this project.

A graphic program's website should be graphically stimulating. I am 
humbled by the artistic skills of lots of you guys/gals, and will call 
upon you a bit as you no doubt can do better than I.

After a few minutes work I have lots of ideas and will post mock-ups 
soon on some webspace I have.  Right now I'd like to ask members to 
please post any suggestions/requests for the website.  I would like to 
add your ideas to mine and get GIMP some real web presence!

Ben W.

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