Sven Neumann wrote:
> And what's the benefit then over using the paths tool? Remember, the
> goal here is to make it easier to create polygonal selections. You can
> already do that by using the Polygon mode of the path tool and
> converting the resulting path to a selection. Sure, you could also do it
> using vector layers. But does that make it easy? I don't think so.

I suppose it depends on how quickly you can make shapes with vectors. If it's 
about the same as with paths then obviously you're right, but if we're talking 
Inkscape speeds then it could be useful.

> I fail to see why the free select tool should be modifed at all. Is it
> in any way related to the problem at hand? The problem of quickly
> creating a polygonal selection?

You seconded the idea on the bugzilla thread.

> Perhaps we haven't even figured out yet what the problem is? Would be
> nice if the people who asked for the polygonal selection tool explained
> what they would use that tool for. What are common usage scenarios for
> such a tool? How does it fit into your workflow?

Well, I'm not requesting it, but what I got from the bugzilla report - 
particularly the comic book illustrator - was that users want to be able to 
switch quickly between drawing straight lines and drawing squiggly lines. In 
other words, brush-like flexibility but through the select tool.

Paths don't draw squiggles and free select doesn't do straight lines. So I'm 
exploring possible solutions. If a good one can't be found, that's fine by me.

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