On Sat, 2006-12-23 at 20:06 +0000, Raeth wrote:

> I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow merge the Ink and
> the Paintbrush tools (I'm not a programmer) so that one could paint
> with the varying size and/or opacity of the Paintbrush combined with
> the accuracy and smoothness of the Ink tool.

No, that is not possible. The two tools work completely differently. The
paintbrush stamps the brush repeatedly on the canvase to create a brush
stroke. The ink tool however calculates the outline of the brush stroke
based on geometry and movement of the brush tip. This stroke outline is
then filled using a solid color. Both concepts have advantages and

> In other words: Give the ink tool more pressure sensivity options and
> call it the new paintbrush tool.

May I ask what options exactly you are missing in the Ink tool?


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