After a bit more exploration, I was able to find out the following:
1) I can grab images of any kind from the Internet just fine (usually 
drag-n-drop via Konqueror).  It is only when I try and load from/save to my 
hard drives that the Gimp crashes.
2) The Gimp crashes only after it completes the operation.  So, when saving, I 
actually have the full file where I indicated I wanted it saved, and when 
loading, I can see a portion of the image in the layers dialog (the image 
window itself won't draw before the crash).

I suspect that there is a particular module that is causing this behavior to 
occur, but I don't know how to determine which it might be.  I've tried 
temporarily switching to Krita for the time being, but though it has some 
nice features, it definitely is not the Gimp and there are many operations 
that I cannot do.

Hope someone can shed some light on this,



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