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Keiichi Morisato wrote:
> I am having an issue using GIMPshop, would you please tell me how to set
> and
> export a custom pallet, set by me not tht computer, as this program is the
> basic freeware of Photo Shop I am assuming that it has this function. If it
> does not please allow it to as this is important to me.

You should contact the GIMPshop support forums (or their development
team if you can't find a support forum for it) to ask support questions
on that product. This is a mailing list for a different project called GIMP.

[On a related note, it's not entirely this person's fault that he ended
up looking for support here. IMHO GIMPshop should not have been named
with 'GIMP' in its name, even though it was well meant. This is one of
the reasons why trademarks are used so that people don't get confused
like this. Both GIMP (different UI) _and_ Photoshop (different
behaviour) fora are unlikely to be able to help.]

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