> I am having an issue using GIMPshop, would you please tell me how to
set and
> export a custom pallet, set by me not tht computer, as this program is the
> basic freeware of Photo Shop I am assuming that it has this function.
If it
> does not please allow it to as this is important to me.

To my knowledge, there is little to no documentation available for
gimpshop; you will wish to obtain help from Photoshop references or seek
assistance in Photoshop user forums. 

If you wish to use the GIMP, I would suggest that you can use the
Palette Editor to create custom palettes (they are automatically saved
when you exit the editor). To access the Palette Editor, use the
"File->Dialogs->Palettes" to see a list of the available palettes. The
buttons along the bottom of the window permit you to, among other
things, create a new custom palette (or you can duplicate an existing
one to edit). 

Once you are in the editor, click on the "New Color" button to create a
new color. You can modify an existing color by double-clicking on a
color to bring up a color chooser window. 

You might also find the "Import Palette..." command (which is available
from the Palettes dialog) useful for extracting palettes from images and

Once again, my suggestions are for the GIMP, not gimpshop (which I have
never used). Gimpshop has intentionally foregone the standard interface
used by the GIMP and you will have to seek help in places other than the
GIMP-User mailing list for any further questions you might have about

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