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This is a very minor issue, just something for the devteam to think
about if they happen to be doing something related with the code.

I like to have the focus follow my mouse, and not to have to click to
raise a window.  That preference has to do with many applications other
than the Gimp.  I find when I am cleaning up a photograph with Gimp,
often, maybe always, the filter dialog windows pop up right on top of
the image window I am working with.  If I don't get the mouse into it
quickly enough, it disappears under the image window and I have to move
the image to get to it, and then typically move the image back to see
all of it.

I don't think this happens as often with other popups, like the levels
dialog.  It often shows up outside the image window.  If the
algorithm(?) that places the dialog box could either try to find some
open desktop, avoid the image window, or always go to the same place so
I would know to keep the image window away from there, it would improve
my workflow a tiny bit.



Sounds like a window manager bug. Logically, transient windows should have
priority when focus-follows-mouse is enabled -- and most filter windows are
now transient.
Knowing which version of Gimp you're using would help -- gimp. 2.2.x may
well still have non-transient filter dialogs.
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