Dear Gimp users,

Short version: I'm trying to record the 
translation and rotation information of a given 
layer for later use with a script or another program. Is this possible in GIMP?

Long version: I doing some photo collage the way 
David Hockney does (if you don't know his work, 
). But instead of taking 100s of real pictures, I have digital data.
For each picture, I'm creating a layer, and the 
only action I'll do is translation and rotation. 
Because of the number of pictures, it becpùes 
quickly impossible to work with the full 
resolution pictures. I'd like to be able to work 
on lower resolution pictures, record the 
translation and rotation of each layer from the 
centre of the image (that is the single 
translation and rotation instruction that will 
get me from the layer centered in the middle of 
the image to the adjusted position).
Then I want to reuse this information to create a 
full resolution image using batch processing (I 
have already a script for that part in 
script-fu), so I can go on with my life while the computer is crunching.

Any ideas? Right now I'm recording the new size 
of the layer after rotation as well as it's 
position on the screen and thanks to 
trigonometry, I get the angle back. The problem 
is: This is quite unprecise and gives me the 
choice between four different angles, so it doesn't work so well.

Thanks in advance.


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