I feel like my question might be very stupid :

I would like to know who to copy the alpha channel of an image to
another image.
I am working with texture file so basically that layer is a data as the
color channel, not something I am using to modifie my files.

I have been trying to make a batch script to convert tgas to DX texture,
and I realized I had no idea how to do that when I tried doing it by

I have been looking for hours in the docs and on internet but really all
I find is the way to convert that channel to a selection, whereas I do
want to select it and copy it in an other image.

In script fu, going 'gimp-layer-add-alpha' then 'gimp-selection-all',
'gimp-edit-copy' and 'gimp-edit-paste' leaves it white.

Thanks for your help.
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