On Sunday 25 February 2007 15:32, Simon Davis wrote:
> Hi there,
> I imagine this is a fairly common question so forgive me but can't
> find anything definate on it. Does anyone know when / if there will
> be a new version of GIMP released. Developing a complete course
> (vid tutorials etc) for GIMP and don't want it to be obsolete
> straight away.
> If it is coming, where can I get hold of a copy?

Hi Simon,

there is a new version comming,a nd we hope to release it soon.

Meanwhile, the acheivements made since version 2.2 can be seen in the 
2.3 branches. 

The GIMP developers just sugest the usage of developemetn versions 
(the ones with odd meinor version numbers)  for people willing to 
testa nd develop new features, as these versions are, sometimes, 
quite unstable.

As you are preparign new material, and GIMP 2.4 should be out in a 2 
month time frame, you should defintivelly be using it as a 
reference - although, be warned that it is not meant to day to day 
usage, and may crash.

Take a look at http://developer.gimp.org/ to get more information on 
how to obtain a recent development build of the GIMP.  If you do not 
finsd your way straight from there to teh download binarys , read 
some of the information there, and try searching at google with 
keywords such as "gimp 2.3 download" 

Pleae understand that the reason the developer version is  not made 
easier to find is exactly so that casual users do not pick an 
unstable version instead of the one meant for daily usage.

> Cheers,
> Si
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