On Monday 05 March 2007, Matthias Julius wrote:
> Bernhard D Rohrer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > has anybody ever thought about using Gimp with Subversion? I'd love a
> > module that allows me to make sense of my edited versions of an image. I
> > couldn't find a plugin though :(
> Subversion or most other revision control systems are optimized for
> text data.  But, this doesn't mean it would work with images.  It just
> can not store differences between image versions and therefore it has
> to store the whole file even if you only changed one pixel.

That's not true. Subversion fully supports binary diffs. So if you have an 
uncompressed .bmp image and you changed one pixel, you'll get a very small 
diff stored. Of course, if your image is compressed or otherwise encoded in 
a "weird" way, the diff may be much more substantial. Maybe you're confusing 
Subversion with CVS where each version of a binary file is an entire copy.

> I don't know of any RCS that would be better suited for binary data or
> even be specialized for images.

Like I said, Subversion has good support for binary diffs. So do other version 
control systems like Monotone. RCE by the originator of RCS ( 
http://www.aicas.com/rce.html ) can handle binary diffs, but only operates on 
a single byte at a time. If you want to handle compressed or encoded data 
efficiently, you may need to implement domain-specific logic. Rational 
ClearCase may have such functionality, but I didn't have any experience with 
it, so I can't tell you.

> But, why do you need a Gimp plugin for that?  There are plenty of
> graphical frontends for Subversion in case you don't like the command
> line.

I think what he meant was a way to view previous images or differences between 
various images by interfacing with Subversion.


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