I have tried a number of different methods lately of making GIMP a 
little easier to use in Windows...  I checked out the deweirdifyer 
plugin, but found it to be unstable.  I also tried virtual desktops.  I 
was not interested in GIMPShop, as it has nothing special going on there 
except that deweirdifyer plugin and rearranged menu items.  I still look 
forward to the day when a major Windows based developer takes on the 
GIMPwin UI, which, as (like Sven has said many times) is not even at the 
level of the Linux versions.  Anyway, perhaps a lot of you out there are 
doing this already, but I just tried something I never did before, which 
I found helps a lot.

GIMP has a dialog called "images", which most of you are probably aware 
of.  Have you ever considered using it somewhat like the Windows 
taskbar?  I have docked it to my main toolbox and use it to switch 
between open images as opposed to trying to locate the proper button on 
the taskbar.  The image dialog offers previews, which are very helpful, 
and allows one to work with GIMP as if it were self-contained.  Using 
this in conjunction with a virtual desktop leads to the best solution I 
have found so far.

Ben W.

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