Philip Stubbs wrote:
> On 09/03/07, Ben Walker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> GIMP has a dialog called "images", which most of you are probably aware
>> of.  Have you ever considered using it somewhat like the Windows
>> taskbar?  I have docked it to my main toolbox and use it to switch
>> between open images as opposed to trying to locate the proper button on
>> the taskbar.  The image dialog offers previews, which are very helpful,
>> and allows one to work with GIMP as if it were self-contained.  Using
>> this in conjunction with a virtual desktop leads to the best solution I
>> have found so far.
Good tip.  I've been using GIMP for years on Windows/Linux, and never noticed 
that dialog.  I wish is was just a single
click to bring up and image instead of a double-click.  Then you could tie a 
keyboard shortcut to the dialog, and just
single-click the image.  Any reason it's a double-click?  Any devs reading this?

> What I do at the moment is I have the main gimp window running down
> the right hand side of my screen, with all the dialogs docked in it. I
> arrange them in groups much the same as they appear in the dialogs
> menu. I cant stand it when there are multiple floating dialogs. Makes
> finding the correct window a real pain.

That's exactly what I do as well.  And I bounce around the dialogs with 
keyboard shortcuts.  Works great.
That along with VirtuaWin (virtual desktops) for Windows seems to keep things 
manageable on Windows.

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