I'm migrating from Photoshop and everything I read says what I want  
to do in the GIMP should be easy, but here I am...

I have two images, A and B, which are black and white, from a  
proprietary program but saved as TIFFs. They open as RGB in the GIMP  
2.2 on my Mac, with the image visible in all three channels.

I want to create a final image, C, consisting of image A in the red  
channel and image B in the blue channel, and no image in the green  

If there's a tutorial or plugin or previous mailing list post please  
give me a pointer and you have my thanks. I just can't find it myself.

If you need more info about my problem here's some. When I copy, cut  
or paste I can't seem to figure out how do so in a channel-specific  
manner. In other words, I deselect two layers from one image and  
copy, then similarly attempt to paste into one channel of the second  
image either through the Selection Editor Menu --> Save to Channel or  
by simple pasting after deselecting two layers. Neither has the  
desired effect of taking one channel's information from image A and  
copying into a single channel of image B. At best the paste goes into  
all three channels of the second image, overwriting the original  

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill Jackson

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