Bill Jackson wrote:
> I'm migrating from Photoshop and everything I read says what I want  
> to do in the GIMP should be easy, but here I am...
> I have two images, A and B, which are black and white, from a  
> proprietary program but saved as TIFFs. They open as RGB in the GIMP  
> 2.2 on my Mac, with the image visible in all three channels.
> I want to create a final image, C, consisting of image A in the red  
> channel and image B in the blue channel, and no image in the green  
> channel.
> If there's a tutorial or plugin or previous mailing list post please  
> give me a pointer and you have my thanks. I just can't find it myself.
Bill, try this:

1)  Open the images representing each channel.
2)  Convert these images to grayscale mode (as any given single channel 
could be represented as a grayscale image.)
3)  If necessary, open a third image/layer as a blank one, since you 
wanted nothing in the green channel. (a blank image such as this must be 
black and also in greyscale mode)
4)  Perform the "compose" function found in colors>>components and 
choose the layers for the appropriate channels

Does that achieve the desired result?

Ben W.

Note: I don't know what the compose function requires, i.e. if all 
layers have to be the same size, etc..  I'm sure the user manual 
addresses that.

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