On Monday 02 April 2007 19:12, Steven Howe wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking to replicate the actions under '<Image>/Tools/Color
> Tools/curves...'
> I'm attempting to automate a bell curve overlay of a mask. From a
> trace (using strace)
> the order looks something like:
> "gimp_curves_explicit"
> "gimp_curves_spline"
> "plug_in_curve_bend"
> "plug_in_curve_bend_Iterator"
> Any example code (python preferred, but if I must learn script-fu
> ...), please send my way.
> Thanks,
> Steven Howe

Hi Steven -
I have a script that makes use of the existing call to curves, please 
take a look there:

(no it was not online in any organized place, I just copied the file 
there now)

As for the script, it maps the colors of a palette to the value of 
colors in an RTB image, much like the"map to gradient"  GIKMP plug-in 
does, and it uses the curves call to achieve a fast color remapping.

As for the "I must learn script fu" part, I'd  say - "no you don't". 
With all due respect to all script-fu hackers, and even more to its 
maintainers, it is a toy next to a fully featured language like 

The plugion does not use the curves-spline call ... but a quick hack 
at the python console gave me a working example here:
(I could blindly run this curve in most pictures with my now-broken 

pdb.gimp_curves_spline(drw, HISTOGRAM_VALUE, 10, (0,0, 64,56, 128,128, 
192,200, 255,255))

Good luck there - do not hesitate to ask furhter if you need.


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