I have a recent download of Gimp 2.3.13 on a Slackware Linux system 
using fc-cache for fonts. However Gimp may use something else.

The 3d outline Script Fu appears to want the RoostHeavy font by 
default. AFAIK I don't have this font on my system.  When I use the 
font selector  on the 3D screen it shows RoostHeavy as the default 
but the results do not resemble the RoostHeavy font I see on the 
internet. And when I use that same font selector to search available 
fonts RoostHeavy is not one of the choices. So I have to assume that 
the script fu substitutes another font silently. 

Can anyone suggest what the substituted font might be?

I have downloaded a TTF version of Roost Heavy.  Where should I put it 
so that Gimp can find it? In amongst my X11 fonts? 

John Culleton
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