> On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 08:08:13PM -0800, patman at aracnet.com  
 >> I also tried Carol's "removing background" tutorial:
 >> http://carol.gimp.org/gimp2/basics/backgroundremoval/
 >> But it does not describe the "Add the decomposed image as a mask"  
 >> Can some explain it or point to a tutorial on the subject?
 >in that dockable dialog, right click on the layer you would like to  
 >and select "Add Layer Mask" (i am typing this from memory so no
 >guarrentee on the exact wording).
 >there will be a dialog with a choice of mask color/opacity.  just  
 >with the default since the next step is to copy another image to it.
 >Decompose gives several layers.  i would convert the decompose  
image to
 >rgb (some of the gimps had problems copying grayscale and i cannot
 >remember which ones).  Edit-->Copy on the layer you want as a mask
 >Edit-->Paste to the mask area on the target image.
 >black on masks is transparent, white is opague.  gray is a little of
 >is that what you asked?

When I try the above Edit->Paste to create a layer mask containing an  
I get a Floating Selection layer rather than anything in the layer  
mask. Can
anyone help?

I am trying to blend two exposures using the 2nd technique ("Layer  
described at this URL:


To use this given two exposures, E1 and E2, I need to find a way to  
use E1
as a layer mask for E2. Is that possible using GIMP?


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