It regularly so happens I'd like to merge/overlap two digital pictures.
Gimp does have tools to fit two pictures by hand (take one picture as a
layer, and turn and twist them till they fit almost perfectly). However,
almost perfectly may not be good enough, and I wonder if a search proce-
dure could be develloped to find margins of two pictures that almost
perfectly overlap?  I suppose it will be impossible to find regions that
really perfectly overlap, as the light may vary, a butterfly might
happen to have come inside the picture, and so on.  I may be mistaken,
but as far as I know photoshop can automaticaly overlap two pictures.
Did Gimp ever try to automaticaly achieve perfect overlaps of two pic-
tures, and - if this had been considered impossible - have the merits of
fuzzy logic been considerd to achieve this aim?
Julien Michielsen

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