Julien Michielsen wrote:
> It regularly so happens I'd like to merge/overlap two digital pictures.
> Gimp does have tools to fit two pictures by hand (take one picture as a
> layer, and turn and twist them till they fit almost perfectly). However,
> almost perfectly may not be good enough, and I wonder if a search proce-
> dure could be develloped to find margins of two pictures that almost
> perfectly overlap? 
What you want is a technique like the SIFT algorithm to identify similar 
features in two images. I recommend the autopano-sift tools:


Also available is Autopano (which is a different program)


While you are looking at this, if you are interested in panoramas or 
even just trying to make a larger image out of two overlapping scans, 
you should also try Hugin


These tools can be used together to streamline panorama generation and 
can be used to create fabulous (and massive) wide-angle images.

Toby Haynes
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