I am simply trying to get an area I select active so I can fill it, copy 
it, remove it, add it to another picture.
If I use the path tool, it is not working. even if I start gimp from 
scratch, and make a new area, it is still shown with the no entry sign!?!?!

I was trying to do this with a bmp, and I changed it to a jpg in case 
that would help - no difference.
Occasionally, strangely, with nothing I have done apparently having any 
effect, the path tool is working.
Then, when I use the path tool, the from path and to path are greyed out 
in the selection pull down menu.  
if I use the intelligent scissors, I can outline an area, but I can't do 
anything with it.
Now I come back to the app, start everything again, and the path tool is 
not working again.
I use the intelligent scissors. I can make a shape. Once again, the from 
path and to path are greyed out!?!?!?
I have tried flattening the image, both with a picture and a blank page 
( which did seem stupid! ) but this makes no difference.

I have googled for help, but I don't think I am searching for the right 
Obviously this is easy when you know how. Equally obvious, it is not 
intuitive, not to me anyway! ( is photoshop this hard to learn!?!? )
(( the thing that drives me totally insane is that I have done this 
before, more than once. ))
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