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> If I use the path tool, it is not working. even if I start gimp from
> scratch, and make a new area, it is still shown with the no entry sign!?!?!
> ...
> Occasionally, strangely, with nothing I have done apparently having any
> effect, the path tool is working.
It sounds as though your Paths Tool is in "Edit" mode. Double-click on  
the tool to raise its Options window and assure that you are in  
"Design" mode. You may also find it helpful to have the Paths dialog  
displayed ("Dialogs->Paths") so that you can see the various paths you  
are creating, select previously created paths, and change the  
visibility of the paths on your drawing.

> Then, when I use the path tool, the from path and to path are greyed out
> in the selection pull down menu.

This means that you have not created a path yet (probably because you  
were in "Edit" mode).

> if I use the intelligent scissors, I can outline an area, but I can't do
> anything with it.
> Now I come back to the app, start everything again, and the path tool is
> not working again.
> I use the intelligent scissors. I can make a shape. Once again, the from
> path and to path are greyed out!?!?!?

The Intelligent Scissors tool is completely unrelated to paths but  
even still, once you have outlined your shape with the scissors, you  
must convert it to a selection (by clicking on the starting point)  
before it is of any use.

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