I would suggest keeping the two operations -- outlining and color  
smoothing -- as separate operations.

If you duplicate your layer and, on the top layer perform your edge  
detection, followed by a desaturation and color removal, you will be  
able to erase (or enhance, or de-emphasize) the outline as you desire.  
On the lower layer, try the Selective Gaussian Blur to smooth out the  
colored regions.

Using the above technique (crudely), I was able to produce the  
following transformation:


Quoting Daniel Nogradi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> What I would like to do is take a photo of someone's face and turn it
> into a cartoon, more precisely into figures that are on ordinary
> playing cards: Jack, Queen and King. The main feature of these figures
> are: clear sharp edges and uniform colors between edges. This last
> thing is the one that I'm not able to create from the photo. I tried
> all kinds of edge detecting algorithms but the end result was always
> 'photo-like' in the sense that the colors were not uniform but all
> kinds of pixels next to each other as is always the case with photos.
> Would it be possible to detect sharp edges with uniform colors between them?

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