Hi list,

This is my first message to gimp-users, first of all let me thank
everyone who contributed to gimp, it's really fantastic. After doing a
couple of simple things successfully I have a slightly more
complicated problem now and was wondering if anyone had any useful

What I would like to do is take a photo of someone's face and turn it
into a cartoon, more precisely into figures that are on ordinary
playing cards: Jack, Queen and King. The main feature of these figures
are: clear sharp edges and uniform colors between edges. This last
thing is the one that I'm not able to create from the photo. I tried
all kinds of edge detecting algorithms but the end result was always
'photo-like' in the sense that the colors were not uniform but all
kinds of pixels next to each other as is always the case with photos.

Would it be possible to detect sharp edges with uniform colors between them?
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