Robin Laing ha scritto:

> I learned this lesson on a project that I was working on.  About 700 
> pictures of an event all taken in RAW.  Weeks of processing.  Images are 
> great but the time was costly to me.

If you use UFRaw you have the option to process pictures by the command 
line (batch mode). dcraw also works from command line. This way you can 
create a .bat or a .sh depending on your platform to process all the 
files stored in a directory automatically. 700 pictures are converted in 
a few hours. In weeks of processing you have all the time to create 
batch files from scratch and process your pictures and still save a lot 
of time. This works if at least most of the photos are taken 
"correctly", that means no further work on white balance and so on. On 
the other hand if you have to review every single photo to adjust some 
parameters it has no sense to process files in batch mode.

> Also, when taking RAW photo's, you need much more memory.

True, but that's the price to pay for the best quality your photo 
equipment can afford.


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