I am creating a menu for a DVD. How do I restrict GIMP's palette to
16 - 235, as mentioned in the reference at the link below?

[ref: http://people.csail.mit.edu/tbuehler/video/titles.html]

Just thought I'd mention there is a GIMP script to aid in the
creation of buttons and xml required by dvdauthor.

[ref: http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=4609]

And good sites on fixing up old photos with GIMP? Most of the
photos are black and white. I've googled, but nothing really
stands out, and was wondering if any GIMP user has come across
a site that has helped them in a similar process and learning

Mostly, I am doing Layers -> Color -> Levels, and clicking Auto.
Or, adding a Duplicate layer and changing the Mode to Multiply.
I tug, pull, and click the sliders and buttons on the Color's Levels
tool, as well as the Curves tool, but I'd like to have more
of an understanding of taking an old photo from point A to
point B.

Last, any suggestions, or gotcha's, when using GIMP to "cleanup"
photos' for dvd-slideshow?

A good trick, from reading the archives, is to save your work in
XCF and use ImageMagick to convert from XCF to JPG.

Thank you.


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