> I am creating a menu for a DVD. How do I restrict GIMP's palette to
> 16 - 235, as mentioned in the reference at the link below?
> [ref: http://people.csail.mit.edu/tbuehler/video/titles.html]

Your first option is to scale the range of output colors so they fit  
within the range 16-235. This can be accomplished using the "Levels"  
tool and setting the output range of each of the three color channels  
to have a lower limit of 16 and an upper limit of 235 (I would  
recommend saving these settings so you don't need to re-enter them  
each time). This will result in some degree of color shift for all  

You might prefer to just clip any colors which are outside the  
NTSC-recommended range so that they fall within the 16-235 range. This  
can be accomplished by creating two new layers above your original --  
one of the layers should be filled with "NTSC black" (HTML=0x101010)  
and set to "Lighten only" mode; the other layer should be filled with  
"NTSC white" (HTML=0xebebeb) and set to "Darken only" mode.

Another alternative would be to provide some "smooth" color adjustment  
(using the Curves tool, again with the channels handled separately)  
which would provide something of a compromise between the previous two  
options - retaining much of the pre-existing NTSC-safe colors but  
still exhibiting some contrast variation for the unsafe one.

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