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> Dear GIMP users:
> I have a 1000*1000 picture, for example.  I need to tile it (copy and
> paste) into a 2000*3000 bigger pictures.  
> What I did are:
> Generate
> a new file whose size is 2000*3000.  Select All (ctrl + A), copy the
> original picture and paste to the new file and position it the left
> upper corner.  Do it again and again.
> But I found it's hard for me to exactly tile the bigger files.  How
> can I set to make sure there are no gaps.

1. Save your first image as a pattern (.pat) in your .gimp-2.2/patterns/
then use the bucket fill in the larger image.
2. Refresh the patterns dialog
3. Select the pattern you just saved in the patterns dialog (they are
sorted alphabetically if you have trouble finding it)
4. Pick the bucket fill tool
5. Click in your second image (wherever you want, the pattern will
start as expected in the top left corner)

This can avoid a large number of copy/paste if you want to tile your
image many times.

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