I am using GIMP 2.2.15 in Windows XP. My clone tool has stopped
responding as I expect.

I open a .xcf image in GIMP. I choose a brush. I click the Paint Using
Patterns or Image Regions button. I CTRL + left click the area of the
image I want to clone. I move to the area I want to paint and hold the
left mouse button to start painting. Until recently this worked fine.
I saw the cross hairs moving over the area I was cloning from and the
image under the mouse pointer was responding.

Now when I hold the left mouse button to start cloning the cross hairs
appear under my mouse pointer instead of the area I selected for
cloning. The image does not change.

The image that I'm working on has only one layer.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Don Selkirk
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