1. Ability to work with and save files using CMYK color model.
1a. Use ICC profiles for viewing and exporting CMYK model files. 
2. Clean up the code for exporting PostScript and Encapsulated 
PostScript files.  I have on occasion dug into the source code and 
changed things like the unnecessary default offsets but I am not 
prepared to do this for each new release I get. 

Motivation: some of us use Open Source software exclusively. The 
nearest OS rival to Photoshop is Gimp in terms of functionality. 
Publishers need to work in CMYK and sometimes in spot color. There 
have been little steps toward the CMYK color model but not a complete 
adoption. Other programs, some not nearly as well developed as Gimp,  
manage to handle the choice between CMYK and RGB without difficulty. 
When you open up Krita for example that is the first decision you 
make.  But Krita is embryonic and not ready for me at least to use. 
Scribus also handles both color models, as does TeX. These are both 
production programs. 
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