John R. Culleton wrote:
> 1. Ability to work with and save files using CMYK color model.
> 1a. Use ICC profiles for viewing and exporting CMYK model files.

Known issues.

> 2. Clean up the code for exporting PostScript and Encapsulated 
> PostScript files.  I have on occasion dug into the source code and 
> changed things like the unnecessary default offsets but I am not 
> prepared to do this for each new release I get. 

If you have found some things that need changing in the source and know how to 
fix them, you should open a bug report (if there is no open bug covering the 
issue), and attach a patch to the report which fixes the code.

If you do this, it is more likely your changes will be incorporated in to the 
GIMP source tree. You would no longer have to keep applying the changes with 
each new release.


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