>  I do not know the history of how gimpshop developers and gimp developers fell
> out with one another. Frankly I amd most users do not care about how that
> happened but I am more concerned about how the future. I would like to see a
> viable photoshop emulating gui for gimp and 16+bit per channel, decent raw
> file handling and   a far more easily  customisable working environment that
> builds on industry wide knowledge.


It seems to me that with your needs and wants and attitude, you are
better off just buying and using Photoshop. You must remember that
with FOSS like the GIMP, sometimes you need to invest your own time
into making it work in your workflow... like finding another package
to handle your RAW files, and then importing them into the GIMP. If
you absolutely need and demand all the these things now, then just go
with the commercial product, and don't worry about the GIMP.

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