Due to a bug in the ATI Xorg video driver, I have had to add recently to
my xorg.conf file the following line in Section "Device":

        Option          "AccelMethod" "EXA"

This solved the problem (an Xor error occuring when the outline of a
brush on the image window is persistent), but introduced another one.
Since it occurs only for the Wacom mouse (and not the PS/2 mouse or the
Wacom stylus), and only in Gimp 2.3, I'm submitting it to both lists.

Briefly said, the tablet mouse works correctly, and no longer leaves the
outline image of the brush, but it does not paint visibly. However, the
image is changed, in the opinion of Gimp. All occurs as if it paints in
invisible color.

The tablet mouse works correctly for all other matters. The PS/2 mouse,
and the tablet stylus and eraser, paint as expected. Finally, with Gimp
2.2, the tablet mouse paints correctly.

What could explain such a behavior? What further information could be


                        Olivier Lecarme
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